Monday, July 29, 2013

Forks are not just eating utensils anymore

I just discovered that forks can be used to depict an artist idea. For sure they can be transformed into conversational pieces. This is what I found at one of the booths while at Artscape. I was quite surprised in a good way. The medium for their creativity was forks shaped into figurines, or put together in such way that you could call it modern art.

This dragon was actually very nice, the picture does not do justice to it. Now what you must understand, which I thought was the amazing thing, is that there is no glue involved, no soldering of any kind, no welding, no nothing to keep the pieces together. It is just in the bending and how it is put together.

Again this piece is held together by how each of the forks bends and intersects with the others. Honestly, I did not dare to touch or hold it in my hands, I did not want to find the Achilles heel in the structure in case there was one. It was very interesting to look at.

All in all I think the pieces would be a terrific conversational piece in any house or office.

These are the folks making these pieces. They are called Fork Art. The wife mentioned that her husband has developed a good set of biceps doing this work and I believe it.

And the forks are your typical inexpensive utensils. I had to see and feel them for myself.

But maybe forks are a new trend because I also ran into another artist at a different art festival doing crafts from forks. Here is a picture from one that I liked. This crab almost looks like it wants to talk to you, doesn't it?

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