Sunday, March 30, 2014

What To Do When Your Camera Dies While On Your Family Vacation at Disney World

When is a good time for your camera to totally die? NEVER! and especially when you are on a family vacation. Well, such was my luck last time we went to Disney World. When I think about it, I still cringe with the pain and panic I felt when it first happened.

a photo of a person with a surprise look

 Everyone in my life knows I LOVE taking pictures. I am not a professional photographer but I like taking pictures. If I see something that appeals to my eyes, I just want to take a picture of it. I take pictures to keep a record of it, to enjoy later on, and for the challenge to capture the beauty I see in front of me.

Of course this is a curse to my family who dislikes me taking pictures with them in the frame. So here I was ready to take tons and I mean tons of pictures of our family vacation in Disney World.

Fireworks over the Cinderella castle at Disney World.
Fireworks at Disney World are one of the best I have seen, the best location is in front of the castle. 

But no, instead my camera dies on the second day of our family vacation. What?! What a disaster! But thank goodness we live in the 21st century with tons of technology around us.

Here is how I solved my problem;

     1.  Use of Disney's employee photographers
Throughout all the parks, Disney has employee photographers whose job is to take pictures of you and your family at various locations in the parks. The system works rather well in that they give you an ID card that uniquely creates a file that will hold all of your photos in one place ready for you to buy. Each time you have a picture taken, you give the photographer your id card and they record it with the picture that is added to your file. When you get home you use the number in the card to retrieve your pictures and decide which ones you want to buy.

Family photo in front of the main entrance train station.
Only place where I can get my family to wear goofy hats.

     2.  Use of my Android phone camera along with Google photo backup free services

This is a wonderful thing, in that anymore the pictures you take with your phone camera come out looking very nice. Yes, taking pictures with your phone camera takes a while to get used to. It is not as fast to take the picture and it does not have all the features your camera has but it does a pretty good job. The best part of using the android phone camera is that all your pictures get backed up in the cloud (Google Plus). Again when you get home, you just sign in to your Google account and all your pictures will be there waiting for you. The next best thing about this method is that the pictures are FREE, in high-resolution and dated.

Photo with Gaston at Disney World
Gaston was very much in character

The Disney photographers do a good job however it is quite expensive and that was a real surprise when I returned home. After logging in into their system, I learned there were 180 pictures in my folder and each print (no matter what the size) cost was $14.99! Disney so very cleverly offers a package where you can have all your pictures sent in a CD for $166 + extras. So I ordered that, of course they knew I would since that is the cost of about 11 pictures.

In the end, we had a wonderful Disney family vacation and I had plenty of photos of my family, not as many as I would have if I had my camera but enough. I can tell you that my kids and husband loved not being annoyed by me requesting they stop and pose. Also, I ended up in many more family photos than if I had been the one taking the pictures.

So don't fear the camera gremlins, thanks to technology you will have plenty of pictures of your family vacation even if your camera dies.

Funny face picture in Animal Kingdom, Disney World
Still kids at heart
Wishing you all..........Happy Travels

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