Friday, April 18, 2014

Cherry Blossoms Everywhere in Washington DC

My latest local travel took me to see the Cherry Blossoms around the tidal basin in Washington DC and what a glorious day it was!

View of the Jefferson Memorial during Cherry Blossom festival

The weather was perfect and the blossoms on the Cherry trees were at their best. Since I only travel on the weekends, it is tough to catch the blossoms near their peak, either I get there and it is a bit early or a bit late.
This year however was the best since the blossoms had just been declared at their peak, when 70% of the cherry blossoms are open, so by the weekend the trees were really exploding with blooms and what a treat that was! The views were outstanding.

View of the Cherry Blossoms and the Washington Monument in DC

Some known facts about the Cherry Blossoms;
  • Forecasting the peak bloom date is hard because it is subject to the weather. They can only predict the peak about 10 days in advance.
  • The Cherry trees were a present from Japan in 1912. 3,020 of them were given at the time.
  • Planting of the Cherry trees along the tidal basin took place from 1913 - 1920.
  • The First Cherry Blossom festival was in 1935.
  • The cherry trees around the tidal basin are managed by the U.S. National Park Service supported by your tax dollars.
  • The Tidal basin area and the National Mall are part of the National Park system.

View of the Washington Monument in DC during the Cherry Blossom festival

When you come to visit:
  • Dress comfortably and nicely because you are going to take lots of pictures of you with the monuments and the cherry blossoms in the background, you want to look good.
  • Expect crowds but know that everyone is also there for the same reason as you, to see the beautiful scenery.
  • Don't forget your camera.
  • Wear a hat and don't forget your sunglasses.
  • Stop and rest along the way to enjoy the view.
  • Expect long lines at the rest rooms.
  • You can purchase food at the Smithsonian museums or the food trucks by the Washington monument. Lots of variety of food.
  • Walk all around the tidal basin.
  • Check the U.S. National Park Service website to prepare for your visit.

Map of the Tidal basin showing where to see the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

As for me, I am so glad I went again this year. The views were amazing, the weather was fabulous and the blossoms were at their best.

Picture of people during the Cherry Blossom festival

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To all of you who are Still Fabulous and Traveling locally I wish you,

Happy Travels

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