Thursday, May 1, 2014

Visions Of Spring In My Local Travels - Part 1

I have lived on both sides of the country; the east, the west and the southwest and I must say that spring time is most beautiful in the east.

Picture of a branch of a Cherry Blossom tree.

Perhaps it is because after a harsh, bitter cold and gloomy winter, we all welcome the warmth and the sunny days spring brings.

Picture of a cherry blossom tree taking through a window.

Spring brings the renewal of life expressed in colorful flowers, the birds chirping, and new leaves in the trees. Have you noticed how crisp all the colors appear in the spring? The tree leaves have a beautiful clean, brilliant green that by the end of summer has turned dark green.

A cherry blossom tree

I love and enjoy spring time. My favorite thing to do is to go out for walks in my neighborhood and watch nature unfold its beauty. I have my favorite trees and yards that I watch regularly.

Picture of my cat among a bed of daffodils
My cat among our daffodils. He tries to disguise himself in the hopes of catching a bird.

A blooming cherry blossom tree in front of a house

In my area the roll out of spring is most obvious when the magnolia trees and the crocus bulbs bloom, followed by the many varieties of cherry trees with their beautiful blossoms. The daffodils along with the forsythia bushes bring a beautiful yellow and the ornamental pear trees with their white flowers bring a snowy white look to the trees, this is where we are now, coming next are the tulips and much more.

Picture of a forsythia bush in full bloom

Picture of an ornamental pear tree in full bloom

One thing I really enjoy about spring is the cherry blossom festival in Washington D.C., the view around the tidal basin is spectacular, but the cherry trees around my neighborhood and in my front yard are just as beautiful this year. 

Picture of a blooming cherry blossom tree in front of the the Washington Monument in DC

A few springs ago, while not fully awake I gazed out my bedroom window and for a moment I thought it had snowed as it all appeared white outside! Slowly the brain woke up and I realized that it was not possible, was late April; it was just our cherry trees in full bloom.

As the blossoms pass their peak, I love to experience the shower of petals that happens when the gentle breezes shake the trees allowing them to fall in what seems like snow, but instead it is all petals. It is most lovely!

Picture of a cherry blossom tree through a window

It is during the spring and the fall when I find myself thinking how beautiful our planet is and how lucky I am to enjoy it in my walks through my neighborhood.

Spring is not over for us yet, nature still has more wonders to show. I look forward to see it all, I shall bask my eyes in this beauty and I hope you do too in your area.

To you reading this blog, I thank you and I wish you a Fabulous and Wondrous spring time.

Happy Travels!


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