Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Local Fun - Columbia Festival of the Arts

One of the wonderful things about Spring are the many local festivals that happen during that time. After a long and cold winter, such festivals and street fairs are a great excuse to get out, enjoy the sunshine and meet some very talented crafters.

Waterfront in Columbia Maryland

The Columbia Festival of the Arts held at the waterfront in Columbia, MD is a two week festival that offers a venue to enjoy local performers, and allows world-class artists to showcase their crafts an demonstrate their talents.

Woman on a potting wheel making a vase

The opening of the Festival is a weekend full of FREE events; a craft show, musical groups, events for the children and this year there was model yacht racing.

What I enjoy the most is the opportunity to see the many crafts and speaking with their creators and listening to their stories. Linda is one such talented artisan - she makes Leaf Castings from cement that would make a very nice addition to any backyard as a water fountain, birth bath or just as decoration. Encouraged by her daughter, a talented student at MICA, Linda started making her leaves five years ago and she is still enjoying it. 

Photo of Linda one of her creations from Linda's Leaves
Linda showing one of her leaf creations

If you like crystal sun catchers, then Horse Spirit Arts makes some quite lovely and whimsical ones. I thought the rubber duckies were cute.

Crystal sun catchers

Do you need a new planter for your backyard? Well, I came home with this one (I love cats).

A metal planter in the shape of a cat

Do you need an idea for your child's birthday party? How about a Hero cape? Holly from Creative Capes can make them for you. They are adorable and a really nice idea, check out her website.

Do you need outdoor decorations or party spoons? This is why local festivals are fun - you never know what your are going to see or find.

Booth at the festival Spoons

And I always enjoy seeing art from local artists such as Mike McConnell, a graduate from MICA.

A painting from Mike McConnell

Street and local art festivals are a fun, relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors, see what artistic talented people are making, and meet a few of them along the way. You never know what you will see that dazzle you or who you might meet.

Have you gone to a local festival yet this year? If so, let me know. I like to add them to my list to of places to visit - you never know. Thank you for reading, please like this post in Google+ and share.

Wishing you all, Happy Travels!

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