Monday, October 27, 2014

It's ALL About Christmas, Oh Wait It Is October

I have never been crazy about Halloween, partly because I was not born in this country and my childhood was not in this country, which could be one explanation. The other is that I truly enjoy Christmas with all the pretty decorations, sparkling lights and colors, especially red and all the warm feeling you get when your family is all together sharing the moments.

Multi-color decorated Christmas tree
Our multi-color Christmas tree in our family room

Pastel color decorated Christmas tree with white lights.
Living room Christmas tree. Pastel color decorations.

When you become an empty-nester, then Christmas becomes a much more important holiday because at minimum (and you hope) your grown children will be home visiting and this is why Halloween is a distant holiday for me anymore. This year even Thanksgiving will be postponed as none of our kids will make it home. Sure my husband and I will cook a small Turkey, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (a must for me), watch several of our favorite Charlie Brown movies and at dinner we will give thanks for our blessed lives and family but the big turkey day will be when the kids are home and we cannot wait!

Woman on a pumpkin patch field
It is the GREAT pumpkin, Linus. 

When the kids were home, I used to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start decorating the house for Christmas. We would be the first family to buy the Christmas tree (s) at the first local store that had them, and we would decorate them immediately, yes two trees. The wait until Thanksgiving to start decorating was sheer torture, adding to the anticipation of the holiday season.

For a while now we have switched to fake trees (for safety reasons) and so now I don't hold back. On Halloween day as I am answering the door and handing out Halloween candy, I am putting together one of the Christmas trees and yes some of the trick-or-treaters are shocked at the site.

Carved pumpkin front door decoration

I start early in the morning, my husband gets me the big box containing the tree; I get my iPod with my Christmas playlist, get some nice glogg and start putting together the Christmas tree. By the way, my Christmas music playlist has 650 songs and I love it! We listen to Christmas music starting at Halloween and continue listening until the Three Magi have come and gone and for sure long after the local radio stations have stopped playing holiday tunes.

By mid-November the entire house will be fully decorated for Christmas, only leaving the dining room table and the front door wreath available to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

Front door decorated in Fall and Halloween theme

And thank goodness all the stores have their holiday decorations out by early November, I truly enjoy browsing before the mobs, getting christmas gifts ideas or just simply getting that warm feeling knowing that my grown children will be home soon.

This year is not going to be any different; although what seems different to me already is that my husband is now into it. On Halloween day, he is going to start putting together the tree that goes in the family room, I will be doing the one that goes in the living room. Let the Christmas season begin!!! Halleluiah.

When do you start decorating for the holiday season?

Happy Halloween everyone!

Purple Halloween cat decoration

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