Thursday, January 22, 2015

January is Bargain Shopping Month for Next Christmas

Yes, the holidays are over, it is mid-January after all, and football has taken over the TV and the husband. But for me, January is a great time for bargain shopping for next year's Christmas presents.

Here are three areas to shop for that can save you lots in your future holiday budget.


OK, you cannot shop for those in your family who require having the latest fashion or the latest gadget but other than that it is a great time for Christmas shopping. This is the time when I buy good quality clothing at rock bottom prices such as sweaters, winter gloves, and hats and scarves for my husband, parents and older relatives. Last year I picked two beautiful red sweaters at Macy's for my sisters that were inexpensive, they would have been envious of the savings. This year, I have found a fabulous shirt at Anthropology that cost me no more than 10% of the original price after all the various discounts.

Bronze and white dotted women shirt


For this year, I decided on a theme for Christmas presents for all my relatives: they are all getting books. 

Throughout the year, I spend quite a bit of time at my local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, because I enjoy the atmosphere and the companionship of people that still enjoy holding and reading a book while drinking coffee. Barnes & Noble is a place that has fabulous discounts on a variety of hard cover books in January.

Here are a few of the books that I will be giving away as Christmas presents.

Display of books
Books found at Barnes & Noble

Replenish Consumables

Last but not least, January is also a great time to replenish all your Holiday's consumables such as Christmas wrapping paper and bows, Christmas gift bags, Christmas floor mats, Christmas party goods such as plates, cups, napkins; Christmas cards and anything related to Christmas that will not deteriorate or go out of style. 


Saving all my wonderful finds until next Christmas is as important as knowing who I bought them for. I store the information in a computer file, with details such as the name and the present bought. Also, having a list that you can reference during the year will prevent you from over spending or repeating the same present in future years.

I store my presents in properly labeled bins that I can find easily early in the holiday season for wrapping and sending. Of course you do realize that these presents will not be eligible for return, so choose wisely.


For me January is still fun, shopping for bargains helps melt away the winter blues. The dreary cold days seem a little less dreary when your mind is on next Christmas and on how you can surprise relatives with wonderful gifts while saving huge in your holiday budget.

And if shopping for Christmas is not your thing right now, here are a few photos I took during one of my vacations that help me get through winter, I hope you like them.

Is it too early to start buying Christmas presents? What do you think?

Wishing you all Fabulous Travels in your Neighborhood.

Ocean view from Windjammer Landing resort in St. Lucia.
Ocean view - Windjammer Landing resort in St. Lucia

Beach view at Windjammer Landing resort in St. Lucia
Beach view at Windjammer Landing resort in St. Lucia

Ocean view from the beach at Windjammer Landing resort in St. Lucia
Ocean view from the beach at Windjammer Landing resort in St. Lucia

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Friday, January 2, 2015

End Of The Christmas Season, (Almost)

Officially Christmas has not ended yet, the Three Magi are still in route to see baby Jesus. Epiphany is January 6, sadly all the radio stations have stopped playing Christmas carols and already the retail stores have started to display Valentine's day decorations.

Nativity Scene
My Nativity Scene

Yes, the Holiday season passes quickly and decorations will be taken down soon but before we do that, I took time to admire and enjoy the outdoor decorations in my neighborhood. What I saw was beauty, creativity, and some yards overflowing with all sorts of Christmas decorations that left me wondering how they store them all.

House decorated with Outdoor Christmas lights

Inflatable snow bear decoration

House front yard with many Inflatable outdoor Christmas decorations
This house had many more inflatable balloons than shown in the photo

Christmas tree decorated all in blue
Christmas tree inside a terminal at BWI

Beautiful houses decorated for Christmas

No more Christmas movies on TV and family visitors have come and gone. Delicious foods have been eaten.

Covers of 5 Christmas movies- The Grinch, Charlie Brown, Muppet Christmas Carol, Its a Wonderful Life, Santa Clause
Our family favorite Christmas movies

Platter of Colombian favorite Christmas foods
Platter of Colombian favorite Christmas foods - Yum

New Year's Eve festivities with friends and family signal the end of the year and the beginning of a new one.

Fireworks at the Baltimore Inner Harbor to welcome 2015

What next? Lose those extra pounds gained during the holidays and make some New Year's resolutions. May they all come true.

I hope your Christmas was Wonderful. May the New Year be your best one yet. Don't forget to enjoy all the beauty around you.

Health, Hope, Peace and Prosperity to you.

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