Sunday, March 1, 2015

What a Long Snowy Winter Reveals

Two months into winter and the white flag is out, yes Mother Nature, you WIN. Yes, Frosty you win. Elsa I am not like you, cold does bother me, in fact, it bothers me a lot!

A tall pine tree full of snow

This is the time when the human spirit starts to become tired of snowy, cold, dark, and gloomy days. The human body is also tired of shoveling, tired of feeling the freezing air on our faces, and tired of the drudgery that can result from wearing heavy clothing. There are no fun holidays and Easter seems so far away.

Pine branches covered in snow

This is also the time when cabin fever starts to set in and people start to wonder if spring is ever coming. And we start to wonder if there is a spring dance to call on the fairies to bring spring soon! The Let It Snow song is not our favorite anymore, Do you want to build a snow man? noooo, and the Cold does bother us!

But in the midst of all of this dreary weather there is beauty. Walking in my neighborhood park is like walking in a Winter Wonderland. All is quiet and all is whitely bright.

View of a park frozen

A frozen small lake in winter

To see more photos, watch the slide show Winter Wonderland. I hope you enjoy them.

What a long snowy winter has revealed is how grateful I am of a warm home and the discovery of FIRE by our ancestors.

Are you ready for spring?

Wishing you Happy and Fabulous Travels in your neighborhood.

Woman in front of a bed of red tulips

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