Hi, my name is Vilma.

In life after kids, I decided to start a blog as a way to share my love for travel and adventure in my neighborhood and beyond. I enjoy exploring, seeing new things (or old things as in repeat) and going to local events especially if they are FREE. I enjoy being a tourist in my own town on the weekends, I rather do that than spend it cleaning house. I call my neighborhood anywhere I can drive to and back home the same day, so two hours each way is fair game. In my case that covers a lot of territory because I live in the Baltimore-DC corridor with my husband and a spoiled cat.

I have lived on both sides of the country, the east coast, the west coast, the southwest and now back again to the east coast and wherever I am; I always go out and explore everything the area has to offer, all the touristic places as well as attending the local events. I even did this with kids in tow. I loved it and I still do, it is fun, it is enjoyable and I meet a lot of very nice people along the way.

This blog is to be my account of the travels in my neighborhood showing how much fun anyone can have without spending much money by getting out and discovering your own town. My hope is that you feel encouraged to go out and explore your own neighborhood and all that it has to offer.

I will also include family vacations and holiday travels which most likely will be beyond my area. Unfortunately most of us only have two weeks a year of vacation to hopefully go beyond our neighborhood and this is why I think it is important to create mini-adventures that will keep you curious, young and having fun while close to home.

What else about me?

I enjoy museums of all types and art festivals. I enjoy parades, musical shows, picking fruit and vegetables at the local farm, walks in the park, science events and garden shows.

I like growing orchids, hibiscus and any plant with flair of the tropics to remind me of the Caribbean and the ocean which I love. I am very comfortable in big cities and enjoy visiting them which is another reason why I like my extended neighborhood; New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Baltimore.

Besides being a local touristy traveler on the weekend, I like watching travel shows and reading travel blogs of people's adventures in faraway places. I have never liked camping or backpacking, I enjoy my creature comforts, a nice bed and a shower besides I hate mosquitoes which seem to like me too much.

So here is a toast to the Still Fabulous and Traveling in you and me and many Happy Travels.


Discovering and Enjoying my neighborhood, one event and one place at a time. 

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